Gold is known as the most beautiful metal. It is used not only in the jewellery but also in other industries. The investment gold is also of high importance.



Gold is the sixteenth most expensive material in the world. Unlike other metals, gold is chemically very stable.

It is a metal of glossy yellow colour with good electrical and thermal conductivity. Pure gold is soft but very heavy (its density is two times higher than the density of lead). 

Gold is considered as an important investment product. It is a commodity which does not lose its value. According to the World Bank the investment gold as the only precious metal is not subject to value added tax.


Gold in jewellery


The pure gold is not used in jewellery since it is too soft. Gold is alloyed with other metals as silver, copper, nickel, zinc and palladium. Some of them colour the natural colour of gold and that is how we can have new shades of gold – white and pink.




White gold is a mixture of gold with palladium, manganese, nickel or rhodium plated yellow gold. Red or pink gold is made by alloying gold with copper. Zinc can be added to gold in order to increase the hardness of gold. Most often used gold in jewellery is 18 carat, 14 carat or 9 carat gold.


Hallmark – Purity – Carat


Hallmark expresses metal purity, which is also expressed by a purity number. It is a three-digit number that denotes a minimum content of precious metal in a jewel. It is measured according to the number of weight units of precious metal to a thousand of weight units of an alloy. It is a content of precious metal in a jewel, expressed in thousandths (1/1000). No piece of jewellery consists of pure unalloyed metal.

The unit of gold weight (same as for precious stones) is carat. One carat contains 0.2053 g of gold. Pure gold has 24 carats (99.99% of pure gold).


Marking of purity and weight of gold goods:



24 carats

99,9 % gold



18 carats

75 % gold



14 carats

58,50 % gold



9 carats

37,5 % gold


Hallmarking act (Law of NCSR no.10/2004 Collection of Laws on hallmarking and testing of precious metals) does not apply to products made of gold with purity lower than 375/1000.


Some SR hallmarks


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Even Euripides once said: "Gold is worth more than a thousand words."