We offer you a wide assortment of piercings. Use your creativity when choosing a place and way of piercing your body and think about design your jewel should have. Find the best place or places for your long-desired piercing!






A spot for regular earrings, fake plugs or piercings with a thin bar either round or straight. It is an ideal place for plugs, tapers which we sell in different materials, colours and sizes.

Tapers /expanders, stretchers/ are a great way to start with stretching of your ear hole. Taper is a straight piece of steel or plastic which is narrow on one end and wider on the other. By inserting the taper, you expand the size of your piercing. To choose the right taper you need to know the difference between various styles. 

Size 16 GA is a good starting point in case you have never worn earrings or if you have had your ears pierced just recently and were only recently healed. Size 14 GA  is a right size in case you wear earrings regularly and for a long time. Even if there is a small difference between the sizes you would not like to overdo it with the first "stretching" (because your ears have never been stretched before).

Minimum healing time: 10 weeks



HELIX (piercing for the  upper cartilage part of ear): Piercings are placed directly in the upper part of ear cartilage. The area of helix usually needs more time for healing than earlobe and requires special care to achieve the best result.  With a little bit of your effort the pierced areas can be healed on both ears at the same time. However, it is better to have pierced only one ear first to avoid the irritation caused by telephones or when sleeping.

Minimum healing time: 4 months



FORWARD HELIX (piercing for the front part of ear): Piercing is twisted around the helix and passes through it until it connects with a head. Piercing looks nice and decent in this part of ear. With the correct anatomy, multiple piercings can be placed here, which will guarantee a dramatic look. Same as with all other piercings in helix, this piercing requires special care during the time of healing so that it looks and fits the best possible.

Minimum healing time: 4 months



ANTI-HELIX: Piercing also known as a SNUG. It passes through the front part of the centre ear and continues to the front side of the ear conch. It is usually healed with a piercing in shape of a curved barbell. It must be long enough because the ear tends to swell.

Minimum healing time: 8 months



FLAT: The flat part of the upper ear is suitable for large gauge piercings which should be permanent (should not be taken out).

Minimum healing time: 8 months



CONCH (piercing for the centre part of ear/ear concha): Piercing is placed in the centre part of ear between anti-helix and daith (fold of cartilage). It can be pierced in various ways, vertically or horizontally. They are done in 1 mm size or as large as ear allows. Generally maxing out around 8 mm for the initial piercing they can be stretched to an inch or more.

Minimum healing time: 4 months



TRAGUS: It is quite common and attractive piercing which is named after the specific part of the ear. It is placed through tragus (protruding part in the front part of ear). Pierced areas are usually healed with a disk back labret or with a barbell. When the process of healing is over it can be changed to ring.

Minimum healing time: 4 months



ANTI-TRAGUS: It is inserted into the protrusion of tissue located above the earlobe opposite the tragus. These piercings are best healed with a curved barbell but after it is healed you can use other types of jewellery as well.  

Minimum healing time: 6 months



DAITH (piercing for the lower fold of cartilage): Piercing is placed in a tiny part of the ear between the tragus and upper cartilage fold (rook). These piercings look great when they are round and have a bigger diameter but during the healing period you can use curved and circular barbells or a ring with a small diameter. 

Minimum healing time: 6 months



ROOK (piercing for the upper fold of cartilage): Rook is located behind the front helix and above the lower cartilage fold in the centre part of ear. These piercings will heal best with a curved barbell. Since the rings tend to protrude it is advised to wear them after the ear is completely healed.

Minimum healing time: 6 months



INDUSTRIAL (industrial piercing): The most common shape of industrial piercing is a straight barbell that passes through the upper forward helix and continues down through the mid-helix. Industrial piercings include any two or more piercings that are connected with a single straight or curved barbell. This type of piercing can be worn in several different ways.

Minimum healing time: 12 months



ORBITAL: Like for the industrial piercing, there is no specific placement for this piercing. Term „Orbital“ is a general name for two or more piercings that are connected with one circle. 

Minimum healing time: 12 months





EYEBROW: Eyebrow piercings heal rapidly and they can beautify the face or emphasize its contours, when they are in the right place. The puncture after this type of piercing usually heals by the help of a rounded barbell. Also a circle or a straight barbell can be used, depending on the person’s anatomy. We have various kinds of piercings in every category, so you only have to choose out of them.

Minimum healing time: 2 months



BRIDGE: It is placed between the eyes and the upper part of the nasal bridge. Not everyone has a suitable nose structure for this type of piercing, but after healing and with a tasteful decoration it is beautifully decent.

Minimum healing time: 4 months



NOSTRIL: Piercing into the nostrils can be decent, massive or something in between. We recommend not to remove the first piercing from the nose at least for four months (the best for six months), until an expert shows you how to change it. The great thing is that in this place you can wear many different types of jewels, like nostril screws, piercings with flat-backs and rings. Surely you will find something you enjoy in our online store.

Minimum healing time: 4 months



SEPTUM: The Septum piercing is the only facial piercing which can be completely hidden (even at the early stages of healing). A fine piece of thin skin is pierced under the tip of the nose. During the healing period you can feel free to wear piercing types, such as retainer, round barbell or round piercings with captive bead ring. The puncture heals rapidly and relatively painlessly. The septum piercing really suits certain nose types.

Minimum healing time: 2 months



MONROE: This type of piercing is sometimes called Marilyn, because it resembles the birth-mark of the beautiful Marilyn Monroe. The Monroe is in shape of a disk back labret and it attracts attention to lips/mouth.

Minimum healing time: 3 months



CHEEK: The healing period of the pierced places in the cheek holes is longer than that of other piercings, but with little patience and care it heals smoothly and will make you happy. For this type of piercing a flat labret is used. After initial swelling it is recommended to use a longer barbell.

Minimum healing time: 12 months





LIP: The piercings are placed into the lower lip, to the side or in the middle. Near the lips circles or round barbells can be worn. This does not mean that you cannot use disk back labret, but those are placed lower. Consider advantages and disadvantages of each option and decide where to pierce it.

Minimum healing time: 3 months



LABRET: It is pronounced as La bret, but it is not of French origin. Labret can be pierced in a traditional place, in the middle, as a disk back labret or vertically, as a rounded barbell.

We have wide assortment of jewellery and decorative heads from which you can choose and decorate your piercings – stones, balls, heads in shape of dome, spikes etc. in various sizes and colours. Surely you will find something among them that will suit your personality.

Minimum healing time: 3 months



VERTICAL LABRET: In case of this type, a rounded barbell is generally used. The bottom bead is placed under the lower lip and the upper ball on its upper part. Both beads are visible especially when your mouth is closed.

Minimum healing time: 2 months



PHILTRUM: Philtrum piercing, also known as Medusa in shape of a labret that is pierced above the upper lip.

Minimum healing time: 2 months