FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


How do I proceed when creating an order?

Availability of a product is visible underneath the picture by the green sign "+" in a cart – meaning the product is in stock and you can order it.

  • To start with, you need to choose the right combination/size of the goods, if there is a drop down box. CAUTION! The system will add the smallest size of the ring into your cart by default. That is why you need to choose the correct size yourself.
  • Click on the icon Add to cart – and the product will automatically ‘fly’ into the cart.
  • If you wish to continue shopping, feel free to choose another product/size. Product you chose previously will stay in your cart.
  • When you are ready to finish your order, click on the red shopping cart icon in the top right corner. Contents of your cart will be displayed and you’ll be able to change the number of products or remove something from your cart. You will be able to see the total amount to pay for goods and transport.
  • Fill in the order form with the necessary data.
  • If you are our loyal customer or you have won /received/ a voucher code from us, enter it into the correct field.
  • When choosing certain products, you can receive a gift. Choose your gift by clicking on the product/picture.
  • After selecting the gift, go to the selection of transport and payment method.
  • Re-check your details and the order, especially all the required fields.
  • If everything is correct, click on the Next button.
  • The summary of your order will be displayed. You can still change the payment method at this point (if you wish to change it, click on the icon Change the payment method . If everything is correct, all you have to do now is confirm the order by clicking on the CONFIRM order.
  • If the order was properly created, after a few seconds you will receive a notification email.
  • If you experienced any problems while creating your order, you can contact us by phone, email or the Livechat service. We are always happy to help.


How much is the shipping / postage?

The ordered goods are shipped by post. The shipping cost depends on the value of your order. Shipping on purchase over 69 EUR / £59 is FREE.


How can I pay?

We offer you 2 payment methods:

  • Pay with PayPal – secure payment via PayPal account or with card.
  • Pay by credit / debit card – pay with highest security on bank site.


How many days until the goods are delivered to me?

Orders with gold jewellery received after 9:00 am and on weekends are processed only on the next working day!

Orders received before 13:00 with payment on delivery are processed on the same working day.

Delivery period by Post is 5-7 days from the day of despatch by our company. The goods are delivered only on working days! If you do not receive your goods by this period, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will provide you with tracking number of your shipment or the phone number for the courier. 



How to proceed with claim of goods?

Claims are processed within 30 days. The goods are covered by a warranty period of 24 months in accordance with applicable laws.

Instructions when making a claim:

  • Send the goods together with copy of the invoice and accompanying letter via registered post /not COD/ to address: 
    ŠPERKY s.r.o.
    Dénešova 8 , OC Jednota
    04023 KOŠICE
    Slovak Republic
  • Please state your name and surname in the accompanying letter, invoice number (you can find this number in your account. If you can’t find it, state the date when you placed the order and the total amount of the order). Please also state the reason for claiming goods.
  • In case of dissatisfaction you can return the jewellery within 14 days and exchange gold jewellery within 60 days.
  • If you have further questions, please write us on


Can I claim only a part of my order?

Yes, you can return a part of your order as well. If you wish to claim it, we will send you back the money.


How do I apply a voucher code?

On our website with products you can always see how many points you can gain when you purchase a certain product and the value of your voucher code. To apply vouchers from placed orders, you have to be registered on our website. In case of ordering more products, these points are added up. The collected points can be changed to a voucher directly in your account. Click on the ‘My loyalty points’ and then confirm that you wish to change loyalty points for voucher. The system will then generate a code to enter in your next order. After adding the coupon to your order, an adequate amount will be deducted from the order amount. You will be able to redeem the voucher after 14 days of purchase and use it immediately. The start date of the coupon will also be indicated to you on the interface. The coupon is valid for one year. If you are unable to add the discount to your order, please let us know. In no case should you prepay your order if there is any problem with adding the coupon, as we cannot adjust the total amount of prepaid orders


How to measure you ring size?

For useful information and accurate ways to measure your ring size please click on the following link:


What services do you offer – resizing, engraving?

Unfortunately, we do not manufacture the jewellery, therefore we do not offer any services connected to altering the jewellery or engraving. Please bear in mind that if you modify the products purchased in our e-shop, the warranty for the goods is automatically void.


Sold-out product – when will it be in stock again?

Our website is updated daily. We recommend you follow it or set up a notification by email. Once the desired product is back in stock you’ll receive an email notification.


What is the colour stability of products?

The best known method of colouring jewellery made of stainless steel is in the electromagnetic bath tub, meaning that the dye is glued to the surface using electromagnetic forces. In the production of steel, the material itself cannot be coloured, only the outer surface. Consequently, the colour may disappear over time. It depends on how you wear the jewellery.


Do you do personalised jewellery?

We order jewellery from respected manufacturers, we do not manufacture them.