Engagement rings


Have you found the right match for you? Someone with whom you would like to spend the rest of your life? Sincere congratulations. If you have already sorted your thoughts out and decided to seal your relationship with a wedding vow, more questions emerge about the wedding preparations. But before the wedding bells resound, the most important part is waiting for you. Proposal of marriage to your partner and engagement.


An engagement is a vow, that your partner will be devoted in the future and will belong only to you. The engagement does not have any legal force, it is not obligatory, does not even have any strict rules, but it is a sign of your serious intention.



Engagement is a part of a long-time tradition, when young people in front of their family and community confirmed their relationship and plans to get married. The young man did not ask for the hand of the bride-to-be directly, but he spoke to her parents, especially her father. The parents, in case when they were satisfied with the groom-to-be, joined the hands of the young people, gave a toast and exchanged wedding gifts. Traditionally a ring and a kerchief. The young man gifted the woman a ring and she gave him a kerchief in return.


Nowadays engagement is not taken too seriously and many young people ignore it entirely. But, even if a woman tells you that she does not wish for any pompous ceremony and traditions do not matter to her, do not believe her. It has always been known that even if a woman tells you no, she means yes. And every woman has a desire to experience this romantic moment and take pride in her engagement ring. Many of them fantasize about it from childhood. Do not wait for the right moment, until it will be late. Do not postpone it. Show her your love, surprise her and give her the most beautiful engagement ring, after which she craves.



The engagement ring is the symbol of your love and faith. The engagement ring is worn on the left ring finger, because there was a belief that from there leads a path directly to the heart. It symbolized that the woman’s heart forever belongs to the person, who gives her the ring. 


There exists a wide range of engagement rings today. Its choice depends only on your imagination and taste. But be aware of the fact that an engagement ring is worn for a lifetime, it recalls the engagement and all the great feelings, accompanying it. Therefore it is recommended not to skimp on it and men should be particular about the ring.



When choosing the suitable ring it is recommended to answer the following questions:


  • What ring size does my partner wear?

The most important question is the size of the ring. It does not matter what kind of material it is made of or how many gemstones it has, if it is small or too big,  you can spoil the magic of the whole engagement.

In case you do not want to reveal your plans, put one of her rings inconspicuously on your finger and mark the place, where it fits the best. Then measure the size.

If you do not get the right size, do not worry, we exchange the ring for the desired size without any difficulties.


  • How much are you willing to pay for an engagement ring?

Set a budget in advance, how much money you are willing to spend on the engagement ring. In the past this amount represented two full months salary of a man. American bridezillas expect even more - three month's salary. It is up to you how much you would like to invest. Make the decision based on your financial situation. Remember, that after the engagement you will deal with further questions as the wedding and housing.


  • What kind of an engagement ring would my partner like?

This is the hardest question of all. The style of the bride-to-be is an important starting point. Is she a sporty, an elegant or an extravagant type of person? Does she wear gold, silver or surgical steel (f.e. because of allergy) regularly? Has she ever mentioned what she enjoys or, on the contrary, does not enjoy?

The most common material for an engagement ring is gold, because it is a high quality precious metal. Gold will never go out of fashion, is durable and it is not losing its value. In case she is allergic to gold we recommend tungsten or titanium engagement rings.


The engagement ring should be decorated with gemstone. Their number, material and colour depend on your choice.

  • Sport type: Classic engagement ring with one stone. 

  • Romantic type: Engagement ring with side-stones, most often with a triplet. The stones may be in the same or different shapes and sizes. Usually the central stone is bigger than the other side-stones.


  • Elegant type: Fine ring with number of smaller stones. The central stone is usually bigger and more striking than the other stones.


  • Extravagant type: Massive ring with bold stone, even in different colour hue than a clear stone, f.e. pink, red, blue, green or violet.


  • Modern, stylish woman: Atypical ring that is different from classic engagement rings.