Stainless steel jewelry



Stainless steel is a modern and very stylish material which is used for manufacturing jewellery. Jewells made of stainless steel are very popular, especially because they resemble silver jewels, but the price is more favourable. Stainless steel is harder than silver, so the steel jewels can't get scratched easily. They do not change their colour, do not rust and oxidise. But it doesn't mean that it cannot happen.




Stainless steel 316L is the best alloy for manufacturing jewels. Its main properties are:

  • high hardness – jewels made of steel are quite hard, they cannot be broken,
  • surface resistance – surface is more resistant to scratching or scraping than other softer metals,
  • colour durability / lightfastness – jewels made of steel have their own UV protection, which prevents them from changing colour caused by the action of light,
  • anticorrosive surface – surface is resistant to oxidation and rusting,
  • various surface designs – it can have shiny, ground or matt surface.




Stainless steel in comparison with other metals:

Stainless steel is not as hard as titanium or tungsten. But unlike silver and gold, it does not require almost any maintenance, cleaning or care. You can just enjoy its beauty and shine without less effort.




Hypoallergenic composition:

Stainless steel is hypoallergenic and therefore suitable for those people who have an allergy to silver. However, it is not true that steel jewels are suitable for all types of allergic people. They are less allergic than jewellery made of other metals, but they may contain various additives of nickel or sulphur. To severe allergic people we recommend jewels made of wolfram or titanium.




Good advice for you:

If you want to visit spa, be careful especially when the thermal water contains sulphur. Before you enter the water, take off your steel jewellery and put them aside. This also applies to jewels without metallization or rhinestones, because sulphur could damage them too. In general, we do not recommend our customers to take bath or do the dishes with their jewels – that means that they should not be in contact with any detergents or chemical substances.



Stylish jewels are made of stainless steel, which is harmless to health and in the highest quality. You can recognize them by the label „Stainless steel 316L“. Thanks to the constant technical progress and jewellery techniques, you can choose steel jewellery in various designs and surface modifications. You can wear them on a daily basis or on special occasions in luxurious design.


Just choose what you like!