• The wholesale cooperation starts based on verification and approval of the candidate interested in selling products of company ŠPERKY s.r.o.


  • This cooperation is intended for business companies for resale for physical stores and also for e-shops.


  • For wholesale cooperation it is necessary to create an account in our eshop, subsequently send your trade licence and the name of your account to the address


  • After its delivery a discount will be activated in your account. That discount is valid on purchase over 300€ excluding VAT and the order must be paid in advance to the bank account.


  • In order to apply the wholesale discount there mustn’t be any coupons, discounts, gifts in the order,...


  • Orders received prior to the confirmation of the wholesale terms from our side will not be considered as wholesale orders and it is not possible to apply wholesale discount to them.


  • If the above conditions are fulfilled, the delivery of goods within the wholesale cooperation is free.


  • Exchange of goods within the wholesale cooperation is not possible.


  • ŠPERKY s.r.o. reserves the right to change these conditions of wholesale cooperation in dependence on the internal company policy and sales policy.