Black Friday is still the fourth Friday in November. It signals the start of the pre-Christmas shopping rush and the shops begin their pre-Christmas sales period.

This holiday has come to us from the USA and Canada. But it has expanded into a big promotional event focusing on significant discounts.

The term originated in Philadelphia, where there was a great deal of traffic chaos in the cities in the 1960s-70s. People were rushing to shop and traffic jams were created. So they called this Friday - BLACK FRIDAY, and Saturday - BLACK SATURDAY.

Customers are willing to queue for long hours on this day and flock to the shops the moment they open. People can buy products at really bargain prices these days.

The discounts usually continue until Monday - Cyber Monday.

Here at, we are preparing significant discounts on jewellery for you every year. So you can buy Christmas gifts at bargain prices.

This year Black Friday will be on 26.11.2021.